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Michael Walker and Ellen Johansen have been working with individuals, couples and groups for fifteen years, both in the US and the UK. They share with others a love of the arts, a commitment to their own artistic practice, and an understanding of the power of the artistic process to facilitate insight and change. Ellen and Michael communicate their passion for the creative process in a supportive manner that empowers others to discover their own creative resources, and inspires them to integrate the creative spirit more fully in their lives.

Ellen studied painting at the University of Washington (BFA) and taught fine art in London. She also completed an MA in psychology with an emphasis in career development. In her role as career counsellor, Ellen facilitated career change workshops drawing on the arts to help individuals clarify new directions in life and career.
Michael attended the University of London, Goldsmiths College (BA, Fine Art, painting) and Wimbledon School of Art (MA, Fine Art, printmaking) in the UK. He taught fine art in India and exhibited prints and drawings in the UK and Australia. Later, Michael completed a Ph.D. in psychology, and worked as a psychologist in California.

Bridget Oakley-Stevens.
Bridget’s training in Fine Art at St Martins School of Art, and theatre studies at Guildford School of Acting in the UK have given her a breadth of training in the expressive arts. Bridget brings a depth of experience from 25 years of arts practice. As an arts facilitator and art therapist, Bridget has developed an original style of working with clients using intuition and freedom of expression with materials.

Bridget has exhibited her paintings internationally and her work is in private collections in England, America, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

What is The Creativity Space?

The Creativity Space is:
Time set aside to experience the freedom to express yourself with color.
A quiet environment in which to discover, through painting, the power intuition has to inform our experience.
A retreat in which to allow creative expression for pure enjoyment.
An opportunity to remember to be the artist of your own life.

Who will want to come to The Creativity Space?

Individuals or groups should come to The Creativity Space who want:
A unique experience in a studio designed to bring out
your creative spirit
To spend a weekend with friends or work colleagues de-stressing from daily demands and commitments
A sense of creative renewal
To seek an opportunity to move through “blocks” in creativity by painting in an intensive, uninterrupted format
An in-depth right-brain experience
To try their hand at painting for the first time.

When can I come to The Creativity Space?

The Creativity Space designs workshops and retreats to meet a group’s creativity goals and objectives. The workshops are held at venues suitable to the needs of each group.

Workshops and retreats are also offered throughout the year on Waiheke Island, home of The Creativity Space.

Details of upcoming workshops are posted regularly on The Creativity Space web site under Workshops and Retreats



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